I like to listen to, and play as a DJ, many different styles of electronic music, so I've divided them into series. Select, listen and enjoy!

Deep Chill

This chillout sequel is not like the average and typical chillout compilations ala Ibiza Chill vol. 340 or Cafe del Mar vol. 696. I'll go quite deeper than that hence the title

Deep Chill 01

My type of chill. Deep & Touching soundscapes untop of floating beats. Tracks included from Congi & Occult, Yosi Horikawa and Gacha.

Deep Chill 02

This is personally one of my best mixes 'till so far. On Mixcloud it even got noticed, because it reached the weekly 'Chill' and 'Chillout' charts.

Deep Chill 03

It has been quite a while since the 2nd, so here's the 3rd in the Deep Chill serie with tracks/remixes/edits from Bullitnuts, Tommy Guerrero, Hubbabubbaklubb, Alek Lee, Bato Bato, Mudd and Riccicomoto.

Head Nodding Society

Downtempo gems for the head nodding society ranging from 80 to 95 bpm.

Head Nodding Society 01

Lots of SoundCloud free downloads on this one with tracks/remixes from Dabrye, Makoto, Kovacs, Atu & Sango, BiggaBush and The Code.

Head Nodding Society 02

The second one from the all things downtempo sequel with tracks from El Búho, Slackwax, Boozoo Bajou, Anthony Valadez and Tribilin Sound.

Head Nodding Society 03

The summer is here! Chillin' on the beach with tracks from GYVUS, The Planty Herbs, Kill Emil and Adam Kroll.

Head Nodding Society 04

Lush downtempo business this time with The Groovers, BACKWHEN, Tribilin Sound, LTJ Xperience, Vanilla, Hydrogenii and Planty Herbs.

Head Nodding Society 05

Longing for the summer with these balearic and LoFi beats. Tracks included from Tooli, Apart, Sven van Hees, Vanilla, Lord Echo and Session Victim.

Variety In Soundz

Variety in Soundz is all about combining different styles in one mix and usually I start off downtempo and end uptempo.

Variety In Soundz 01

From Nujazz to Bossa, from Triphop to Electro and from Nu-disco to House... it's all in there! Songs included from Quite Village, Makossa & Megablast, Scuba and Hint.

Variety In Soundz 02

A great variety of sounds in this one with How to Dress Well, an awsome freebie from Perverse and the amazing remix from Triana's Lost Where I Belong by Banks.

Variety In Soundz 03

I start off with some deep chilled flavors from H-Foundation, Resotone and a Nils Frahm rework by Mombi, but I've managed to get it over into Nu-Funk from Kraak & Smaak, Deela and Timewarp Inc.

Variety In Soundz 04

I go from left to right to up and down and to in and out. Great renixes and edits of London Grammar, Roots Manuva, Maribou State, Henri Texier, Oscar Key Sung, Edward Elgar/William Orbit and more.

Variety In Soundz 05

Straight-up Chill to Beats & Bass music mixed with some interesting style twists like hip-hop, soul and deep nu-disco.

Variety In Soundz 06

I go quite deep here. Nonetheless a great selection with some deep Nu-Disco and a track from one of my favorite Nu-Cumbia artists; Tribilin Sound.

Variety In Soundz 07

This one is a banger! Lounge, Tropical Bass, Nu-Cumbia, Nu-Jazz, Headz, Nu-Disco, Afrobeat, Funky Breaks and House. All these styles and more are presented in this 1.5 hour continuous mix.

Variety In Soundz 08

Oddxperience, Blundetto, Nicola Cruz, Bebel Gilberto, Camanchaca and more South American artists selected for this deep tropical edition.

Variety In Soundz 09

An uptempo edition for the 9th in this serie with tracks, remixes and edits from Adesse Versions, Croquet Club, Erik Jackson, 2XM, Moritz von Oswald, Yadava, Gacha, Simona Drive and some classics from The Deadbeats, Château Flight and Fila Brazillia.

Variety In Soundz 10

Old, but still gold! The 10th in this serie includes timeless classics from Karma, dZihan & Kamien, Idjut Boys and Street Corner Symphony, together with recent tracks/remixes from TEYMORI, Lewis Ashley, Detroit Swindle and Axel Boman.

Beats United

No four to the floor here! Well... for 99%. Mainly uptempo rolling beats ranging from heavy UKbass to Dubstep, from Breakbeat to Broken Beat and from Off-Beat to Afrobeat.

Beats United 01

Deep & dark into high & uplifting! Includes tracks form Rain Dog, Kangding Ray, Djrum, Rowl, RootedSoul, Hint & Photek.

Beats United 02

Rolling beats this time from Makoto with a superb remix of Snow Patrols' Fallen Emperies, Trio, a Kowton Remix of Movement's Us and My Nu Leng is presented as well.

Beats United 03

Personally this is one of my favorites in the Beats United sequel ('till so far). Great variety in uptempo beats and the transitions are on point. Maribou State, Pedestrian, Auntie Flo & Phon.o... they're all in there.

Beats United 04

Lots of UKbass united in the 4th of this serie with deep tracks from Wen, Hodge, Facta and a Special Request VIP from Tessela's Hackney Parrot.

Beats United 05

Starting with some breakbeat tracks with an old school feel in it from Howson's Groove, Mutual and Sorceress. Furthermore Alex Patchwork, Primate, Wen and an awesome edit from Loefah's Veal.

Beats United 06

This one includes a deep and intelligent 12 minutes track from Barac & Vincentiulian. What else? An older Maribou States song and a slamming breakbeat track from Left & Right.

Beats United 07

Unlike the previous editions of the Beats United serie is this one not deep and/or dark. The summer is at our doorstep, so I kept it smooth & warm with the track selection. Lots of percussion and Soulful & Jazzy vibes from Colm K., Lay-Far, JKriv and D-Pulse & Alex Neivel.

It's A House Thing

This serie includes all kinds of house styles. There's a lot of great stuff out there, so I don't focus only on one particular style.

It's A House Thing 01

Deep, Techy and Progressive house with tracks and remixes from General Ludd, Alphabets Heaven and Stan Kolev.

It's A House Thing 02

The second in this serie with tracks and remixes from Pete Tong, Zohdy & Senna, Dima Studitsky, Davide Cali and PAX.

It's A House Thing 03

Most of the selected tracks in this one are somewhat in between Deep / Progressive / Tech House. Just an hour of deep & spaced out House vibes with tracks/remixes from Jos & Eli, M.A.N.D.Y. and Yousef.

It's A House Thing 04

At the time of making this mix it's here in Holland 30℃, so I've selected some warm and summerish tracks/remixes from OddXperienc, Dwson, Laurence Guy, Trashlagoon, Shai T and more in a blend of Afro, Deep, Tech and Progressive House.


Here you'll find some one-off mixes or ones that might be the start of a new serie. Who knows?

Deep Dubstep 01

Really deep! Starting with some half-step tracks and ending with full-step floor-fillers. Thus no over the top baselines and beats ala Skrillex and the likes. Nope! Just deep and touching dubstep.

Dubble 01

From Ambient Dub to Dub Techno with tracks and remixes from Nor Elle, Quite Village, Pitch Black and Fingers In The Noise.

Ambient Moves 01

Well... it's not really ambient ambient, but more melancholic soundscapes with a rhythm. In other words; ambient that moves you! Expect Albrecht La'Brooy, Afterlife, Norwood and Citizen Maze.